Education in the Home Helps Prevent Adverse Drug Reactions

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What happens when patients with chronic illnesses and multiple medicines to manage on their own return home from a hospital stay? A 2011 study by Johns Hopkins Hospital nurse Linda Costa and colleague Stephanie Poe* found that 67% of patients recently discharged from the hospital had discrepancies with their medications.  Patients didn’t understand how and when to take their medications properly, especially when they took 8 to 10 medications every day.
Not taking medications correctly can land a patient right back into the hospital, either because of an adverse drug reaction or because the medication isn’t working as it should to control the patient’s illness. What’s the best way to prevent that from happening?  That same study found that home visits by a nurse to explain how to properly take medication worked better than phone followups at finding possible problems with patient’s meds and preventing them.
At Hands of Compassion, our nurses take the time to carefully explain each patient’s medication regimen. We help decipher prescription labels, review dosage, and check for possible reactions with other meds the patient may be taking. Our goal, as always, is to help our patients recover safely at home.
*See the article here: Challenges in Post-Hospital Care…


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