We are the Hands of COMPASSION  

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I came across a relevant information listening to “Minute with Maxwell” this morning, a daily one minute video through email by John Maxwell to add value to people and I thought I would share it. The topic today is “COMPASSION”. He said compassion is “go…see…feel…and respond. As Hands of Compassion providing care for the Seniors and the disabled community , we go out , see patients in the home, and we feel what they are going through, it’s not just  “a job” for us, but we do all it takes to respond to their needs. Either by spending a little more time, calling their doctors as required, communicating cares and interventions among all caregivers and also following up, just to mention a few. This is who we are as a team at  Hands of Compassion, what we do is in our name.

This is the response from one of the commenters to the video unedited.

William Jennings Simms · Top Commenter · Senior Pastor at Christian Life Church, Nassau, Bahamas
“Thank you John for reminding many of us and helping others to understand the meaning of Compassion. Go… See….Feel and then Respond.
If one has pity they may go so far as to see and feel but real compassion always RESPONDS.
In Luke 10 is a perfect illustration, the Priest and the Levite saw a man who had been beaten, robbed and left for dead, but at best maybe felt sorry for him but merely walked to the other side of the road. But then there comes a Samaritan and here is where we see Compassion demonstrated. He got off of his colt (the Mercedes of his day) he SAW, he FELT and he also Responded. He administered first aid on the spot, then put him on his own transportation took him to place to get further help and then offered to be responsible for the cost. Compassion has eyes to see, a heart to feel and a will to respond.
Samaritans Purse always is a first responder around the world to disasters and to people in need. Let us go and do likewise and seek to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways, like JMT’s who just went to Guatemala to seek to add value to total strangers. WOW!”

We feel it when William in his comment above highlighted that Compassion has eyes to see, a heart to feel and a will to respond. Again WE are the Hands of COMPASSION.

Healthcare that unites hands with hearts…


For more information about Hands of Compassion Home care, Inc. visit our website at www.hochomecare.com


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