“I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up”

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Helping people who need care is something that is crucial for the times that we are in.  People are facing major difficulties in their health and need help overcoming.  To lend a hand, ease the pain, and lift a burden makes other people’s lives better. Providing care for others is a major way of doing that.  The type of care, who provides that care, and helping people keep their independence are all KEY when choosing what to do!  


Some people (especially those who are elderly) may need a little help with harder tasks like: 1) They can’t fully manage their backyard and garden. So, having someone do the mowing and weeding would be appreciated. 2) They can’t drive or utilize public transport to get from place to place.  So having someone do their shopping for groceries, clothing, and other household items helps them get what they need. 3) The person probably needs assistance getting to appointments- medical, hair, dental, etc. or even to church. Having someone that could assist them weekly would benefit them.  


There are other people who are frail and weak and can’t complete all of their housework.  They can’t carry a huge vacuum cleaner around or bending over the tub/ shower and scrub the floor or toilet. Cleaning windows or washing walls are serious tasks as well that could be done monthly with extra assistance.    

Image   Many older individuals need maintenance help.  Things may break down, windows may crack, or locks, bulbs, heaters, and fuses may need fixing.  Finances can be another area of need: writing checks, paying bills, distributing money, and other things.


Maybe that person cannot cook for themselves or is at risk for falling; they will need some type of help, but there is only so much that a family member, friend, or caregiver can give. Don’t hesitate to ask for extra help.  Hands of Compassion HomeCare has trained nurses who can care for your loved ones, friends, or anyone you know.  We are unique in that we provide others with compassionate, value-driven, high-quality care.  Call us today at 432-218-7996 or visit our webpage at http://www.hochomecare.com



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