What if I live too far away?

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While home health is a major way of helping someone at home, having a group effort is also important, if possible.  

When the time comes to provide EXTRA tender love and care, the responsibility can be overwhelming for just one person.  This is why CAREGIVING should be a group effort.  Whether the care is being divided amongst family members or friends, the load will be lessened with many hands.    


When looking into help at home, a meeting can be beneficial and productive.  This avenue allows for everyone to come together, voice their opinions, state their concerns, and give some suggestions.  During this time, you can decide responsibilities like: 1) Who will mow the yard and tend to the garden? 2) Who will prepare meals? 3) Who will get the person to all appointments?   Make sure to get the senior’s say on who can do what as well, if they are capable of saying so.

Whoever lives closest should do the daily tasks, know where all keys and medications are stored, and have access to all important documents, but shouldn’t do everything all the time BECAUSE everyone needs a role to play!  This emphasizes lessening the load and not placing unnecessary burdens on anyone.  


If all of the family lives too far away from the senior, there are 3 things you can do:

1)  The senior can live at home with the family.

2) The senior can go to an aged-facility.

3) #1 option= Get a healthcare agency to assist the person at home with medication and household needs!

If you are in this position, CALL US TODAY at 432-218-7996 and ask for our help. Hands of Compassion HomeCare is here to HELP YOU with your needs and provide your senior with the care they need and desire.  Visit us online at http://www.hochomecare.com for more info:)


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