We are a 3X Reader’s Choice Award Winning Agency!

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You took the time and effort to vote EVEN THOUGH there were tons of businesses to choose from. Many competed for the title, but only ONE AGENCY could win favorite home health agency! Yes, that’s right…only ONE could earn the GOLD STAR AWARD:) And yes… the winner YOU chose was us…HANDS OF COMPASSION HOMECARE and we thank you!!! Because of the wonderful community and public that we get to serve, Hands of Compassion HomeCare is NOW a THREE-time (3X!!!) recipient of the MIDLAND REPORTER TELEGRAM’s READERS CHOICE AWARD for FAVORITE HOME HEALTH AGENCY. First place, Gold Status was achieved and this is a huge accomplishment !!!

The 2013 Readers’ Choice winners are the cream of Midland’s top businesses, non-profits, annual events, schools, medical providers and restaurants.  All of the winners in these categories are showcased in a special section of the Midland Reporter-Telegram.  These are the people and institutions that make the Tall City thrive and make it a great place to live, raise a family, and conduct the business of life. Generations of people put down roots here and know they have a chance to be successful whether they are running a trendy boutique, repairing your air conditioning on a blistering summer day, or entertaining you with a big name act on a weekend night.


Readers’ Choice has grown with the city. Originally voters named their favorites in the Top 100 Readers’ Choice contest. Last year, they had a chance to vote for more favorites and the contest became Readers’ Choice with 159 highlighted winners. This year with even more businesses, entertainment options, and service providers added, voters had a chance to ring the bells in 205 categories.Participation, particularly online voting, increased during June balloting over previous years as readers know contest results make a great resource for finding the best in meeting their needs. Waiting to hear the winners’ names makes for a bit of summer suspense before they are announced and can officially hang up a Readers’ Choice banner.


LOOK AT WHAT 1 OF THE VOTERS said about our agency –

“Thank you so much for taking care of my mom.

 I believe the reason Hands Of Compassion HomeCare

is winning the Reader’s Choice Award is because

you guys have a personal touch like no other place!” – Bill P.


Hands of Compassion HomeCare has been continuously selected as the Permian Basin’s Favorite Home Health Agency because of their outstanding services, care, and employees.  We are unlike any other agency and will continue to uphold our high standards and great values by providing high-quality, value-driven, and compassionate care! Contact us today at 432-218-7996 or visit us online at http://www.hochomecare.com!


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