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September is ONE of the MOST amazing months and this year, one of the most ASTOUNDING things took place. What was it that touched the heart of every South African as well as every person enjoying life today???

WELL, our honored and treasured Nobel Peace Prize laureate, NELSON MANDELA, finally returned to his home in Johannesburg, South Africa on September 1st, 2013.

“What? He wasn’t there?”

“Yes, thats right. He was not there and now that he is, the world is rejoicing:)”

Earlier this month, on September 1st, Mandela finally went home after being in the hospital for 3 MONTHS.  Yes, one, two, THREE months! Not everyone knew that this NATIONAL HERO was enduring a recurring LUNG infection that kept him hospital bound.  Slate.com says that, Mandela’s family had been wanting to take the former president home for the past few days, but the plan had to be delayed because of his fluctuating health conditions. He was [actually] still receiving treatment, but Mandela was sent home because the hospital staff believed that “it [was] time for Mandela to be moved home to see out his final days—though it is not clear how long that might be.”

Hospitals are a HUGE help in today’s world. They provide the care you need at the time you need it, but if given the same choice as Mr. Mandela, we would choose to be in the comfort of our homes too!.  This is why our agency, Hands of Compassion HomeCare is so beneficial and convenient for people.  With our company, you can get your medical and household needs met without having to leave the comfort of your home. Skilled nurses can come to you and treat you for the various health conditions you may have. Even if you also suffer with respiratory issues, we will work with your doctor to reach your individual health goals.  Plus it is SO comforting to know that there is a nurse, therapist, or home health aide there to provide high quality, value-driven, compassionate care.

Learn more about us, your favorite home health and a top national agency for positive agency outcomes by visiting our website http://www.hochomecare.com.


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