Are you up to the task?

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When it comes to caring for AKA taking care of the elderly or disabled in your life, you must ask yourself, “Am I up to the task”?

What task are we talking about here?


It is the task of caring for that individual on somewhat of a full-time basis.  This may include but is not limited to: 1) taking them to see the doctor repeatedly 2) administering medicine on a daily basis 3) preparing meals 4) answering their questions 5) advising them on certain health issues or problems 6) cleaning the house 7) driving them to wherever they need to go 8) keeping track of their health 9)paying continual mind to their needs and many other tasks.


This may seem overwhelming but that is because…. IT IS!  Caring for seniors is a full-time position that requires YOUR attention to detail and consistency.  Most people do not have this ability or the time to commit. So, they reach out to TOP agencies like US, Hands of Compassion HomeCare:)

Hands of Compassion HomeCare is recognized as a TOP home health agency in our nation of healthcare.  We provide compassionate, value-driven, and high quality care to people in the comfort of their home.  Year after year after year, we have helped individuals all over to live the best life that they can and meet their goals.


If a senior lives alone, they definitely will need some assistance. Let’s think about this.  You visit your grandma each week to check on her and get her what she needs, but maybe this week you have not been able to go by.  Lots of things have been going on and you plan to see her the following week.  You give her a call and she says that she is fine and can manage, so you are at ease. But maybe that same week, she ran out of medicine.  Many seniors run out of medicines or forget to take their medications.  This happens as we age. We tend to not be as focused as we used to be.  Well here is a solution for you and your loved one:


Having your very own HANDS OF COMPASSION SKILLED NURSE will help your grandma get her refills and organize her medicines in a way that she knows what to take and will take them.  This gives your grandma a system in which she take her medications on regular basis with no problem and can call her and know when and how to take them. If they do not remember, the nurse will be there each week to remind them to do so. Our nurses also keep track of medications by keeping a list of everything that they are taking and are prescribed. For the normal person, this can be a challenge, but for those who are skilled in nursing, medicine is in their nature.  They can recognize conflicts, dosages, types, and other things.


Another thing to note is the possibility of an accident or injury taking place to that elder.  In our human nature, we know to call the police and/ or ambulance for help.  These are great things to do but, our skilled nurses may be able to solve the issue without involving others.  This is a major benefit of having a skilled nurse come to your home or the home of the loved one.


Consider our services and how beneficial they are.

Hands of Compassion meets the needs of the patient and builds relationship with those that they serve.

They are here to help and will provide high quality, value-driven, compassionate care for your family.

Contact us today and visit our website


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