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In November, we look forward to the Fall season and Thanksgiving , but now we can be excited about ONE MORE THING!!!  That thing is NATIONAL HOME CARE and HOSPICE MONTH:) Yes, National Home Care and Hospice Month is an official  This is not any regular holiday but a huge accomplishment for the entire home care field, let alone the medical field.  This month celebrates care provided in the home.


“Val J. Halamandaris, President of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) called on all Americans to commemorate National Home Care & Hospice Month throughout November. He also called attention to Home Care Aide Week on November 10 to 16. These critical workers play a central role in their patients’ lives, and NAHC recognizes their efforts with this year’s theme: “Home is the Center of Health Care.””  Those who aide in home health care work long and hard to help the elderly and disabled.  Some times they can affect whether a patient lives or dies in peace. This month is all about honoring those who dedicate themselves daily to serving patients in their homes throughout the US. 


It’s been said that the home is the center of health care and in today’s world we see this to be true, more and more. “In coming years, home care and hospice are poised to play a central role in the delivery of healthcare throughout the country. A wide range of forces are joining to push care away from nursing homes and drive it toward home and community-based care. Based on demography and dollars, experts agree that the destiny of health care lies in the home.”


There is nothing quite as comforting than being able to have everything that you need right where you are.  As we age, we need help with things and home health is a great option for you to have.  Sometimes, a doctors office or hospital are distant or your family member can’t be contacted. Maybe you just got out of the hospital and want to be home or you have troubles with blood pressure, diabetes, or some other condition. Having instant access to a home health nurse at Hands of Compassion is incredibly beneficial. She/ he helps check your vitals and make sure that you are doing well.  If you need help, your nurse is available to assist you with skilled nursing, cooking, cleaning, and more.  Hands of COmpassion is your ONE stop shot for all things HEALTH!

You can contact us at any time of the day and be able to reach our agency at 432-218-7996. 

Visit our website at to see all that we provide!


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