Where to go from here?

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Have you ever reached a point in life and wondered “Where do I go from here?”  It’s like you’re at a crossroads and you have to determine the best pathway for your life or someone else’s. Maybe you know exactly what to do or …maybe you have no idea what you should do! If you go left, you’ll have this, but miss out on something else. Or… if you go right, it’s quicker, but may take longer down the line. So many choices, features, and factors are to be considered when making a decision. However, once you figure out the best option, you’ll be happy that you did:)  


Deciphering where your loved ones should live is a decision many of us will have to make.  Whether they go to a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehab center, their own home, or with you; taking the time to choose the best place will benefit them and you. Selecting a proper place with easy access, plenty of amenities, and good care/ supervision are all criteria that you want to look for.


Something that you want to look at will be the health condition and capability of the senior. Some seniors can stay at home with necessary care such as home health, while other may receive home health in another housing facility. However, it is a known fact, most seniors would PREFER to stay at home because that is what they have always known and all of their friends are usually there in that area.


Assistance for seniors includes services like: transportation to medical appointments & entertainment, preparing meals, home help (cleaning, installing items) & maintenance, or skilled nursing (administering medicine, daily monitoring, assistive devices, etc.)  With options like these, you can be confident that your senior will receive the help that he or she needs and desires.



An assisted living facility is one where those with disabilities can live and function independently with the care that they need.  Every resident has their own room (unless they choose to live with family like a husband/ wife) that is in an apartment style.  Fully prepared meals, activities, and daily monitoring are included.  


Nursing homes are for those who are elderly and disabled and require “around the clock” care.  Nurses are there to aid in daily living and various therapies are available for those who need it.  Individuals with special needs, like Alzheimer’s disease, can benefit from the care provided in a nursing home.  


If a senior is reasonably healthy,then it may be better for them to stay at home or with a family member. Staying with family does provide an environment that is warm, familiar, and full of help, but can be a burden on family members. If the senior lives alone, you can setup for them to have a nurse come and see them each week.  This nurse is a skilled nurse that can check their vitals, have physical therapy come in, help schedule doctor’s appts., etc. This particular option is also favorable because along with this skilled nurse, you can setup to have what is called a provider in the home as well.  This person helps transport seniors to where they need to go, buy groceries, and do household cleaning.


If you or someone you know can benefit from home health, please contact Hands of Compassion HomeCare at 432-218-7996 or visit us http://www.hochomecare.com


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