Yikes! Food, Food, Food!

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The Holiday Season is not only known for its family gatherings but also for its multiple family meals.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrations we look forward to all year and they include lots and lots of heavy meals.   Naturally people tend to eat “too much” this time of year due to the endless supply of goodies.

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One of the main things we tend to forget about our older relatives is that as they age eating nourishing meals and having a good appetite is extremely important.  Many seniors tend to eat less for a variety of different reasons and without asking and paying attention we may not know this is even happening.


Age can take away our taste bud function making food taste unpleasant or less fulfilling.  Medication can also alter taste buds and cause indigestion or acid reflux.  Chronic Illness may also cause unsettled stomachs. All of these situations can increase seniors risk for poor appetites and increase their likely hood of becoming frail and weak.








Teeth can also cause problems for seniors.  You want to make sure that their teeth are in good condition for eating.  If they have dentures those may need to be check to make sure they are fitting well and not causing any pain.


When preparing meals for seniors and their specific needs consider the following.   If your senior has dental problems adding gravy on foods to help soften them will help them go down smoother.  Mashing vegetables makes them easier to eat.  Consider offering seniors chicken or fish instead of beef, since they are softer to chew.  Soups are always a good idea as they can be very nourishing and easy to swallow.

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Most importantly making meal time for seniors as pleasant and relaxing as possible is one of the most important things.  We should never rush our seniors during their meals and we should adjust our eating habits to theirs when in their company so they don’t feel pressured to eat quicker or eat less.  Providing a nourishing meal for our seniors will help maintain their bodies and minds.


At Hands of Compassion we can help teach your seniors and their families the importance and benefits of healthy eating habits.

For additional information please contact us at (432) 218-7996 or visit us at: http://www.hochomecare.com



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