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Do you feel sluggish, tired or worn out?  Is it hard getting out of bed daily and do you sometimes feel that you need a nap just to make it through the day?  You could be experiencing the BUTTERFLY EFFECT!


Did you know that January is THYROID Awareness Month?  Hands of Compassion needs your help to spread the word.  Your Thyroid gland plays a huge role your body, influencing the function of many of the body’s most important organs, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin. Ensuring that the thyroid gland is healthy and functioning properly is vitally important to the body’s overall well-being.


Your Thyroid is a small gland located at the base of your neck beneath your adams apple.  This gland is often referred to as a Butterfly because of its distinct shape.  It can be difficult to understand how something so small can play such a major role in your overall health but your Thyroid is nothing to be ignored.


Did You Know : Thyroid disease is more common than diabetes or heart disease. Thyroid disease is a reality for as many as 30 million Americans.  What is even more amazing is that more than half of those people remain un-diagnosed. Thyroid Disease has been called a Woman’s Disease since women are five times more likely than men to suffer from hypothyroidism (when the gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone). Men should not disregard symptoms of exhaustion or tiredness and should be avid about checking their Thyroid as well.  Family history, medications, and previous radiation on the head and neck play an active role in contributing to Thyroid problems.  Additionally aging is another risk factor for hypothyroidism.  Performing a simple neck check regularly can help with early detection.


According to the AACE ( American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists)  this simple neck check can provide you with quick and easy results. All you need is: a handheld mirror and a glass of water and you are ready to begin.

  1. Hold the mirror in your hand, focusing on the lower front area of your neck, above the collarbones, and below the voice box (larynx). Your thyroid gland is located in this area of your neck.
  2. While focusing on this area in the mirror, tip your head back.
  3. Take a drink of water and swallow.
  4. As you swallow, look at your neck. Check for any bulges or protrusions in this area when you swallow. Reminder: Don’t confuse the Adam’s apple with the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located further down on your neck, closer to the collarbone. You may want to repeat this process several times.
  5. If you do see any bulges or protrusions in this area, see your physician. You may have an enlarged thyroid gland or a thyroid nodule that should be checked to determine whether further evaluation is needed.
Thyroid Disease is curable and preventable in most cases.  Hands of Compassion would like to invite all of you to help us as we try to raise awareness for Thyroid Disease.  Please participate in Neck exams and if you begin to feel not like yourself and you can’t figure out why, please visit your physician and get a checkup.  Awareness leads to early detection and it can even help lead to prevention. Start feeling like YOU AGAIN!

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Your health is valuable to those at Hands of Compassion, which is why we will help those we serve with vision problems or any other condition that they are facing.  We have a variety of services available to help meet your needs for health and overall well being therapy and pain management. To contact us, give us a all TOLL FREE at (877)219-7996 or visit our website


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