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ImageYes, it is a day. Now-a-days we have National days for all sorts of random items: pancakes, chocolate, pistachios, etc. However, this is a day well deserved and greatly appreciated. This past Sunday, March 30th, 2014, was National Doctor’s Day and it was a day H.O.C. could not pass without celebrating.

Throughout the year, we spend hours creatively thinking and personally hand making items that will stand apart and really show our appreciation.  How do they do this? Each and every token is genuinely crafted by our very own Compassionaettes with several things in mind: creativity, individualism and personality (trust me, our fingers hurt after tying 600 bows, making 1200 tape rollie-pollies and cutting 1200 corners).

ImageAlthough, we do all this just to show a small token of our appreciation for this who spend their days saving lives, better health, educating the public and putting others before themselves.  This year, our Administrator got very creative with her ideas and we worked hard to make sure every packet was personalized for each individual doctor. Here’s a little look into what we passed out to our beloved local and not-so local doctors just to say “Thank You.”

If you don’t recognize this GQ doctor, this is Dr. Ronald Gibbons from Odessa, Texas who specializes in Nephrology, the branch of medicine that deals with the physiology and diseases of the kidneys.  In his packet, along with every other doctor, he received an original H.O.C. customized TOP DOC 2014 magnet with a picture of the top doc himself.


ImageOn top of their personalized magnet and custom H.O.C. stylus pen, they received “mr.GoodDoc” and “ms.GoodDoc” candy bars. Of course the Net Wt. of such an item is #PRICELESS and it’s ingredients included the following: confidence; respect; empathy; personality; thoroughness; and being straight forward. We gathered these personality traits from an article that discussed what customers and patients considered a good doctor should posses. Without a shadow of a doubt, all of our Docs posses each and every one of these ingredients at a 100% rate.

Origin of National Doctors’ Day

George Bush
Proclamation 6253 – National Doctors Day, 1991
February 21, 1991

By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation by President George Bush

More than the application of science and technology, medicine is a special calling, and those who have chosen this vocation in order to serve their fellowman understand the tremendous responsibility it entails. Referring to the work of physicians, Dr. Elmer Hess, a former president of the American Medical Association, once wrote: “There is no greater reward in our profession than the knowledge that God has entrusted us with the physical care of His people. The Almighty has reserved for Himself the power to create life, but He has assigned to a few of us the responsibility of keeping in good repair the bodies in which this life is sustained.” Accordingly, reverence for human life and individual dignity is both the hallmark of a good physician and the key to truly beneficial advances in medicine.

The day-to-day work of healing conducted by physicians throughout the United States has been shaped, in large part, by great pioneers in medical research. Many of those pioneers have been Americans. Indeed, today we gratefully remember physicians such as Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and Dr. Charles Drew, who not only advanced their respective fields but also brought great honor and pride to their fellow Black Americans. We pay tribute to doctors such as Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk, whose vaccines for poliomyelitis helped to overcome one of the world’s most dread childhood diseases. We also recall the far-reaching humanitarian efforts of Americans such as Dr. Thomas Dooley, as well as the forward-looking labors of pioneers such as members of the National Institutes of Health, who are helping to lead the Nation’s fight against AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. These and other celebrated American physicians have enabled mankind to make significant strides in the ongoing struggle against disease.

However, in addition to the doctors whose name we easily recognize, there are countless others who carry on the quite work of healing each day in communities throughout the United States — indeed, throughout the world. Common to the experience of each of them, from the specialist in research to the general practitioner, are hard work, stress, and sacrifice. All those Americans who serve as licensed physicians have engaged in years of study and training, often at great financial cost. Most endure long and unpredictable hours, and many must cope with the conflicting demands of work and family life.

As we recognize our Nation’s physicians for their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury, it is fitting that we pay special tribute to those who serve as members of the Armed Forces and Reserves and are now deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm. Whether they carry the tools of healing into the heat of battle or stand duty at medical facilities in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere, these dedicated physicians — along with thousands of nurses and other medical personnel — are ital to the success of our mission. We salute them for their courage and sacrifice, and we pray for their safety. We also pray for all those who come in need of their care.

In honor of America’s physicians, the Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution 366 (Public Law 101-473), has designated March 30, 1991, as “National Doctors Day” and has authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this day.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim March 30, 1991, as National Doctors Day. I encourage all Americans to observe this day with appropriate programs and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-first day of February, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fifteenth.

Citation: John T. Woolley and Gerhard Peters,The American Presidency Project [online]. Santa Barbara, CA: University of California (hosted), Gerhard Peters (database). Available from World Wide Web:


For information about National Doctor’s Day or for questions about Doctor’s in your area, feel free to contact Hands of Compassion HomeCare 24/7/365 for answers to all your health needs, concerns and questions.  You may also visit the National Doctor’s Day website at


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