Best Home Health Midland | Urologist | Dr. Daniel Khouri | Top Doc May 2014

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Best Home Health Midland | Urologist | Dr. Daniel Khouri | Top Doc May 2014


    As the year progresses, Texas physicians are shining brightly for all to see and we want to make sure you see them; these particular doctors excel in service, knowledge, and care for their patients.

IMG_0125We are almost half way through the year, and we have a lot to show for these past few months.  Just to give you an idea, Hands of Compassion HomeCare has been featuring top physicians and their practices for the year 2014.  This month is no different than the others and we are spotlighting someone very special, Dr. Daniel Khouri, MD.

Hands of Compassion Homecare, Inc., has teamed up with Daniel Khouri, MD,  to spread the word about urological health. A Urologist is a physician who has specialized knowledge and skill regarding problems of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. Urology is classified  as a surgical subspecialty.As a urologist, Dr. Khouri specializes in the evaluation and treatment of urological symptoms and conditions. urology2

Dr. Khouri has additional  expertise in the following areas: Minimally invasive treatment of enlarged prostate; advanced treatment of prostate cancer; female urinary incontinence; kidney stones; erectile dysfunction; and various other procedures.  Dr. Khouri also provides monthly educational seminars on urology for both men and women.  Hands of Compassion is very happy to partner with Dr. Khouri to provide community awareness.aua_logo_316517_316520

Dr. Khouri, a Board-Certified Urologist, is originally from Canada and moved to Midland 15 years ago.   Dr. Khouri attended school in Montreal and Sherbrooke, Quebec, he received his MD from theUniversity of Sherbrooke.  Dr. Khouri began his adventure in Texas in 1999 after working in Ontario for the Timmins Urology Clinic & Prostate Center.  Dr. Khouri is the owner and physician of Permian Basin Urology Center and he is an active member with the American Urology Association.

5 Signs That You Need to See a Urologist

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Khouri and his practice, please visit: 

To view Dr. Khouri’s full interview visit our website at:  and click on HOCTV.



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