Bloomberg Radio | The Price of Business | Features Larry Harmon- How Do Your Employees Know You Care? | Home Health Care Midland Tx

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Bloomberg Radio | The Price of Business | Features Larry Harmon- How Do Your Employees Know You Care? | Home Health Care Midland Tx

DSC03846Our very own, Mr. Larry Harmon, was interviewed for Bloomberg Radio this past week and we were jumping with excitement when it was finally published on The Price of Business webpage, #HOC has always celebrated in the capability they possess to stand out in the face of challenge and competition.  We are humbled and grateful that our efforts have not gone unnoticed and could not be more appreciative.

Mr.Hamon was asked a few questions, that he so eloquently answered, and here’s what was said:

Tell us how you show your employees that you care? We show employees we care by fostering a positive work environment where everyone has value and by recognizing achievements of each employee openly to further demonstrate our commitment to agency goals as well as the growth and development of the person in the course of doing what we do…We [also] have functions outside of the workplace in the forms of picnics (July 4th, Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt), special gatherings…” and this gives us the ability to show our employees, rather than tell them, how much we truly appreciate them and their hard work.


What mistakes do businesses make when it comes to cultivating a strong relationship with their employees? “Sometimes during the course of demonstrating commitment to employees, we tend to drift away from accountability by not stressing the importance of their being actively engaged in the things that make all of us better; proper work ethic, integrity, and compassion. Another mistake is not showing appreciation when goals are met or not holding everyone to the same standard, thereby negatively impacting morale (particularly the higher achievers).”


Why is it important for your firm to make employees feel valued? “When our employees feel valued we believe it has a direct correlation on their productivity. Also when people are built up on the inside it allows them to freely express outwardly what’s taking place inwardly.” 


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