HOC Home Care, Inc. Supports Uganda | BBQ Fundraiser for Uganda

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HOC Home Care, Inc. Supports Uganda


Hands of Compassion Home Care, Inc.
Would like to Invite you to Support our efforts in Uganda!
Please Watch Our Video Above and Stay tuned for more information on:
“How you can help us save lives in Uganda


The Last Week we held a BBQ Fundraiser for Uganda! We wanted to make a difference as we help a nurse bring compassion to Uganda!

Why is Hands of Compassion Raising Money for this Particular Effort?

Raising Money for Uganda is very important to us, because all we want to do is save lives any way we can!

Who is Irma Cervantes, RN?

Irma Cervantes, RN is a very compassionate Nurse here with HOC Home Care, she will be heading to Uganda with a Church Team on a Mission Trip to save lives! Her Church team is from Corner Stone. They will be going out and walking the streets of Uganda to touch on the people, heal on them, pray for them, and remind them that Jesus is the greatest healer and we want to let them know that Jesus Loves them! We hope to see miracles, healing and salvation!

What Makes Hands of Compassion Unique?

We have one message and one mission and that is to make everything better around us, make people better around us, and if there is a cause we can help we will help it!

Thank you for watching our video today, please like us on our Facebook Pages, and Social Media Accounts to stay up to date on Hands of Compassion Missions!




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