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IMG_7413Happy Home Care Month!
November is National Home Care Month!
HOC Homecare recognizes the dedication, compassion and skill of all home care workers across America!


There are over 70 million baby boomers who are retiring and soon to retire; these staggering numbers, coupled with today’s extended life spans, means there will be need for a lot of caregivers. The value of caregivers who help elderly persons cannot be measured. Independence and the ability to remain at home are two of the most important things to the aging senior adult.


It’s true that aging adults prefer to remain in their own homes. They may just need a little help around the home in order to retain their independence, or maybe they have a medical condition that requires a visiting nurse to observe and assess their status. An elderly adult returning from hospital or recovering from an accident or surgery might require occupational or physical therapy.


When compared to living in a facility, home care offers a greater level of independence to the senior adult. The caregiver is there to help and give assistance when needed, or to encourage the adult to do as much as possible. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little assistance. The caregiver can give as much or as little as the senior adult desires. Being able to stay at home as opposed to being put into institutionalized care is a level of independence all its own.



Home care has become the most popular choice of care for the senior adult. The high cost of assisted living and other long-term institutional care options combined with the long waiting lists to get in has got more families looking into the home care solutions. In surveys, most senior adults expressed their desire to age at home in familiar surroundings. Home care fits perfectly for these aging seniors.



There is also the factor that home care comes in all levels, from daytime only to around the clock care; from part time to fulltime, from home care to health care. The flexibility of care type makes it a very appealing choice.


National Home Care Month also honors all those who assist the elderly senior stay in their own home.

Did you know that Florence Nightingale in addition to her role in initiating nursing education programs, was also involved in developing nursing for the sick poor at home and in workhouses through her work for poor law and workhouse reform of the 1860s.
We are very thankful for her contributions in public health.

At Hands of Compassion we

agree with Florence Nightingale and deliver care to many who can not afford to pay and some whom have been treated as lepers….


It is your right to age gracefully in the comfort of your home when possible.
We appreciate all of the HOC Homecare team for all they do 365 days of the year (rain,snow,sleet,or shine.)


Just like the mailman our job must go on… 😁

And we do it with grateful hearts as we honor and serve with dignity those who have earned the Home health benefit.


(Pictured above: Some Hoc Homecare staff celebrating with a song we made last year for Home Care Month/ Top Agency five Years in a row to view the video go here )

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services please contact
Hands of Compassion Home Care,Inc today.IMG_7423

We have a nurse on call 24/7… 1-877-219-7996

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