48 Healthy Foods for Women of ALL Ages! | Eating Right is the First step to Beating Disease!

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Here is HOC’s TOP favorite healthy foods for Women!


Eating Healthy is very important in order to fend off Serious Diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer! It helps you build your Immune System, and creates beautiful healthy and smooth looking skin. If you’re looking to lose weight the right diet can help you stay slim or maintain the right size for your body! But don’t forget to add some Exercise to your diet!! Even walking 30 minutes briskly can do so much for your heart and health! I wanted to share with the women of Hands of Compassion just how important it is to eat right, especially for women!

This talk always brings me back to that old saying “You are what you EAT” =)

48 Healthy Foods for Women of ALL Ages!

1. Egg Yolks include tons of hard to get nutrients like Choline which is linked…

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